Treatment & Rehabilitation

Treatment & Rehabilitation

Injuries are common place from the uncontrollables in sport as well as being a common issue in day-to-day living. However, reoccurring injuries, intermittent suffering and chronic pain should be and can be prevented through effective attention to detail in the quality of injury treatment and rehabilitation.

Get a specialist, medical science-based service for dealing with:

  • All musculoskeletal issues (acute and chronic)
  • Pre / post operative work
  • Re-injury assessment, correction and prevention
  • Muscle imbalances / postural problems
  • Neck Pain / Lower back pain (acute and chronic)

Do you suffer neck / back pain?

Experience recurrent niggling pain / injury? 

Have you been putting up with chronic pain?

Get a bespoke approach to training and treatment with specialised assessment and programming for your individual needs from any member of the team. 

Have you got specific pre/post surgery needs?

Are you looking to take control of your physical health?

Want to offset or prevent the need for surgical intervention?

With an MSc in Sport & Exercise Medicine (Hons), Kelly will provide specialist assessment of acute and chronic injury, specialist treatment and  rehabilitation of all musculoskeletal issues


The body is like a car, it is your vehicle for achieving and maintaining quality of life and elite sports performance, so invest in it. A car driven when in need or repair (lack of MOT / regular servicing) is vulnerable to breakdown, reducing reliability and performance. The human body is no different!

Your body is your vehicle for life and pain is the body's natural feedback system for communicating an issue - don't ignore it!

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Our Other Services...

Prehabilitation - Injury Prevention

Prehabilitation - Injury Prevention

Prehabilitation is a proactive approach to exercise, with focus given to body mechanics and basic human maintainence for the prevention of injury and pain. Together with diet, stress reduction and lifestyle changes, prehabilitation allows individuals to maximise fitness, function, health and wellbeing, regardless of age or physical condition!

Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage used to be a luxury of the professional athlete and celebrity. Now it has been proven to be powerful in relieving muscle tension, resetting muscle imbalances as well as reducing and preventing pain. This has repositioned sports massage as an integral solution within the lives of anybody and everybody who values pain-free, functional living and performance.