Yoga, Fascia and the whole being

Jude talks a little bit about why Yoga is so beneficial

Yoga, Fascia and the whole being

My reason for practicing yoga stems from an old snowboarding injury. It’s a common theme – I have met many people who all have a specific reason for starting to practice, be that recovery from injury, stress relief, or to find the antidote to a physical restriction. Curiously however, the reason for continuing to practice changes, and most often, it is the opportunity that practicing yoga offers to turn the attention inwards and self-reflect that keeps people coming back. So where does fascia come in? Fascia is a plastic-like membrane that connects and supports muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments and organs, similar to the membrane around each segment of an orange.

Fascia also protects our nervous system, which offers a sense of awareness of the body. Much of our normal daily (in)activity and stress-induced muscular tension can cause adhesions in fascia, restricting the ability of muscles to move freely and perform their function efficiently. Yoga enables us to work on this fascial network, promoting relaxation and restoration of muscle efficiency and healthy ligaments and tendons, i.e. happy, mobile joints. This is interwoven with our emotional well- being – a sense of light and spaciousness in the body is reflected in the mood, improved co- ordination and proprioception, not to mention easing of pain.

So if your motivation for trying yoga is to improve muscle tone or change the shape of your body, great, but don’t be surprised if a curiosity emerges as you take time out from a busy life to turn your attention inwards and concentrate on the whole being while you are there, on your mat.

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