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The Body Project

Sports and deep tissue massage, injury treatment and rehabilitation specialists in Nottingham

  • Treatments & Therapy

    Treatments & Therapy

    We treat all musculoskeletal-related issues, whether it's just an 'MOT', acute or chronic pain after a trauma or a specific pain such as lower back pain (including sciatica), disc-related problems, knee pain, neck pain, tension-headaches or muscle spasm. Our 'toolbox' includes manual therapy, sports therapy and clinical deep tissue massage, medical acupuncture and spinal manipulation.


  • Fitness & Wellbeing

    Fitness & Wellbeing

    We view every person as an athlete - a life athlete! Fitness should be individualised and scientific, whether someone is training for weight loss, energy, wellbeing, postural imbalance, training for an event, their occupation (undoing the imbalances it creates), a recreational sport, a hobby or taking part in high level sport! Bespoke exercise prescription undertaken in our specially-equipped functional training space.


The Body Project: A simple guide to basic soft tissue maintenance

The Body Project: A simple guide to basic soft tissue maintenance

In an attempt to empower the individual, this simple guide to soft tissue maintenance is designed as an easy-to-use handbook for improving flexibility and resetting muscle imbalances. It takes advanced exercise science and packages it into simple and useable english so everybody and anybody can help themselves to self-treat, manage and prevent musculoskeletal pain.

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